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"It is possible to ride the route of Le 1000 du Sud as a Permanent, subject to registering two weeks before the planned start date, and sign a waiver. These regulations apply to the Permanent. Any participant who takes the planned start, rides the entire route, validates all controls and respects the present rules, is considered Finisher of Le 1000 du Sud, either in the Randonneur option, either in the Tourist option" (1000 du Sud Rules, art. 37).

2024 Route

The routes of the previous editions can also be ridden. See the Archives.

How to register : at least two weeks before your planned start date, complete the waiver, sign it, and return it to the organizer (address below) ; pay the registration fee. 

Waiver for the Permanent

Registration fee for the Permanent :  

How to pay

Permanent Sart and Finish

Except by appointment with the organizer, you will receive your card and frame badge by letter.

At the start of the Permanent, except by appointment with the organizer, take the photo in Cotignac.

At the end of the Permanent, take the photo in Cotignac.

Make sure you have noted the date and time of each control on your card ; and mail it to the organizer's address :

3960 ancien chemin de Salernes, 83570 Cotignac, France

 If you are using the 1000 du Sud Base Camp, you can also put your card in our mailbox.

You will send your control photos by email to 

You can also publish your photos on the Internet and share the album. 

If you are using the 1000 du Sud Base Camp, you can upload your photos directly there. 

Please do not send photos to the organizer's cell phone number.

Participants 1000 du Sud Rando Permanente