Introduction - English

Anyone wishing to register for Le 1000 du Sud is required to read carefully this page.

We thank you for your attention !

The route is challenging

Le 1000 du Sud is located in Southeast France (and we sometimes visit Italy).

Visited departments and regions (according to the editions): Var, Alpes de Haute Provence, Vaucluse, Drôme, Hautes Alpes, Isère, Alpes Maritimes, Liguria, Piedmont.

A beautiful and mountainous region...

Therefore, the ride has many climbs.

In addition, we take, as far as possible, small roads, quiet, but not very suitable for fast riding.

With a few exceptions, participants will not be able to ride fast. They should minimize the time off the bike.

Riders must be self-sufficient

Self-reliance is part of the challenge.

Support vehicles are totally forbidden, on the course and at the control places

Please demonstrate respect for organisers and riders. Do not violate this rule.

Any violation of this rule will result in disqualification.

Question: I am stopping overnight at the hotel, can my husband / my wife join me by car? Answer : No.

All participants are equal

Le Mille du Sud is not a competitive event.

There is no prize to win. No rider classifications will be made. Individual time results will not be published.

No special reward will be granted to individual performance.

Riders come to tackle a challenging route and to strive for a personal best.

It’s a social ride. Friendship is the hallmark of randonneuring.

Randonneuring is non-competitive in nature.

Anyone registering to Le 1000 du Sud should be clearly aware of this.

1000 du Sud Finisher

Randonneur : 100 hours

Tourist : no limit

Any participant who takes the official start, rides the entire route, validates his/her card at all controls and respects the rule of self-sufficiency, will be considered official Finisher of Le 1000 du Sud.